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Arriving at Paducah Quilt Show

Update Paducah Quilt Show – April 26, 2011

The Ohio River is rising - view from the upper deck of the Carson Center, Paducah, KY
Installing one of the 47 gates along the Paducah Flood Wall

Jo and I arrived yesterday, Monday, in Paducah so she could be one of the first in line at Eleanor Burn’s Fabric Fair sale in Carson Park. When we arrived we found workers were busy trying to re-install the Big Top show tent that had recently collapsed from heavy rains. With luck they should have it ready for the show opening on Weds. Fortunately the smaller Fabric Fair tent weathered the storm OK so Jo was able to snap up some good deals.

When we arrived in downtown Paducah we found city workers with cranes working on the Flood Wall. As the pictures here show Paducah is closing the gates on its Flood Wall, the first time all 47 gates have been closed since the 1950’s. The Ohio River is at flood stage and going higher. But as the second picture shows on Monday, April 25th the river is still a few feet below even the base of the flood wall. It is hard to imagine that during the next few days the river would rise several feet to lap at the base of the Flood Wall. My guess is that won’t happen until after the Quilt Show is over.

But Paducah is getting out ahead of potential problems by sealing up the entire wall. We had more rain last night and expect more tonight, so the advance planning is paying off. However since the Expo and Convention Center is on the river side of the flood wall, Mother Nature has caused some changes to the 2011 Paducah Quilt Show but it looks like the city of Paducah and AQS has everything well organized.

There’s been a musical chairs change to the location of several events and activities. Because the Expo Center is in the flood plain, all original activities scheduled for there have been moved to the Dome (Pavilion). Activities scheduled for the Dome-Pavilion have been moved to locations in the Kentucky Oaks Mall area, which historically has also hosted some Quilt Show vendors. The Food Court is being moved to the Farmers Market Pavilion across from the National Quilt Museum. Events scheduled for the Museum and at the Carson Center remain the same. Workshops and some exhibits will be moved to the First Baptist Church on Broadway. As in the past free shuttles will be running between all quilt show locations.

The weather forecast remains for the rain to stop on Weds and sunny weather show up. The only change Jo is making for her quilt show attendance is for sure she is buying the multi-day ticket. With the show being distributed among more locations she figures she’ll need more time to see what I want.

The rain has also affected my plans. When it finally does stop raining I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a golf course that isn’t flooded. I had hoped to golf at the Kentucky Dam course, Paxton in Paducah, Drake Creek in Ledbetter, and Miller Memorial near Murray. May have to settle for just hitting some balls at the range.

Jo will report later on the show and I’ll report on golfing (or lack thereof !)

–Ross roscoetrails@gmail.com

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