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Paducah Quilt Show 2011

April 28, 2011 Paducah AQS Quilt Show

Quilters getting off the bus at the Pavilion (Bubble Dome)
Lunch time at the Farmers Market Plaza - Good Food, decent prices and a beautiful day
Scuplture outside the National Quilt Museum, across the street from the Farmers Market
All over town quilters were eating ice cream cones from the Ice Cream Factory

Finally sunshine arrived on Thursday in Paducah, after 5 days of rain and severe weather alerts. See our blog on our arrival in Paducah. Yesterday between showers I had a chance to visit the Pavilion (Bubble Dome) where many of the quilts were exhibited. I also stopped in the Baptist Church on Broadway to see all the wall quilts. And finally at the end of the day I caught Eleanor Burn’s Tent Show – this year’s theme was “Strips to Stars.”

I had previously reported the location changes due to the rising Ohio River endangering the Convention Center which has traditionally been the primary host facility for the AQS Quilt Show & Contest. Several additional sites had to be employed, some quite distant from downtown Paducah, to make up for the loss of space at the Convention Center. The Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Bureau did an excellent job adding buses and new routes to provide free transportation to all show locations.  While I spent more time on buses traveling around I discovered there were some benefits to the inconvenience of having the show spread out over so many different, and somewhat distant, locations. Previously most of the quilt exhibits were in the Convention Center. This year no single location could handle all of them, so they were spread out among the Pavilion, the  Baptist Church, and the Kentucky Oaks Mall facility. The result. The exhibits were less crowded; I could make my way through them easier. I also found the lighting at these new/temporary locations was just as good as the Convention Center if not a bit better- so light for viewing of the quilts was about the same.  Another benefit of spreading out all the quilt show attendees was at lunch time. Didn’t have to wait in line long to get served and was easily able to find a seat at a picnic table.

Quilt By Eileen Daniels, Broadhead, Wisconsin

Next year when the show returns to the Conference Center, I’d like to see them continue to display quilts in the Pavilion and put more of the quilting vendors in the Conference  Center. (In 2010 the Pavilion (Bubble Dome) was mainly used for vendors. Below are a few photos from the exhibits. AQS wants permission from both the organization and the quilter before I publish any photos on QuiltingPathways.com so that will have to wait for later. But I can show you one here from my friend Eileen Daniels (see her website here) who has already given me permission. By the way, in the past Wisconsin has been well represented at the annual show (our state is among the leaders of all US states in the number of quilt shops so we must have lots of quilters too) but this year it seemed we had fewer than usual entries.

In the Pavilion (Bubble Dome)

In the old Office Depot building at Kentucky Oaks Mall

Paducah garden restaurants
Jo and Ross enjoyed a nice lunch and brew at JP's dining garden

sidewalk cafes in Paducah Kentucky
Sidewalk cafes abound in downtown Paducah

Art exhibit Paducah Town Square
Artisans and art abound in the Paducah Town Square and throughout downtown

sidewalk sale during the Paducah Quilt Show
sidewalk sales are sprinkled throughout downtown as well

Did you go to the show? If so let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

Happy Quilting,

Jo – quiltingpathways@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Paducah Quilt Show 2011

  • I will go to the fair this year, it will be my first international travel, just one week but I am so excited. I’m already preparing what to see an do in the city.

  • My girlfriend and I are interested in attending the 2012 show. Any suggestions on reasonable lodging, eating and what to do while in Paducah. Do we need a rental car? I never attend this show but have attended other shows.

    Thanks in advance


    • Norma,

      First off know that lodging in Paducah during the days of the show are very difficult to get. Most rooms are booked a year in advance but many hotels require a re-confirmation and down payment before January 1. So what you need to do is identify several motels as possible sites (google motels Paducah, Ky and then look at reviews) and begin calling them on Jan 1 to see if any have any openings. Some may also allow you to put your name on a waiting list now so it wouldn’t hurt to check now on availability and their policies. Beyond Paducah, you need to search for available lodging in Grand Rivers, KY and Benton, Ky plus Metropolis, IL.

      If you do get lodging in Paducah you won’t need a car because the city and the show run free shuttle buses between the motels and various show venues. If you get lodging at a distant city around Paducah then you’ll need a car.

      As far as things to do in Paducah most of the attractions are downtown: The Floodwall Murals, the Quilting Museum, many great restaurants, the Lower Town Arts District. Write the Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Bureau for brochures. Grand Rivers is a nice town to visit if you do rent a car. Check out our various links on this web page http://www.quiltingpathways.com/paducah/city.html

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