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Madison Quilt Expo 2012

Wisconsin Quilt Expo sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television

Wisconsin Quilt Expo Quilt Show – Madison, Wisconsin

Due to other travel commitments I was only able to attend one day at the 2012 Quilt Expo. One thing I noticed right away was the show has really grown in size, clear increases in: the number of quilts displayed, the number of vendors, and it appears the number of people attending. Quilt Expo is turning into one of the midwest’s biggest quilt shows. One day wasn’t enough for me to see all I wanted to see. Next year I hope to be able to spend at least a day and half.

BTW You can see some of my posts and pages from previous shows at: Quilting Pathways Quilt Expo & 2011 Madison Quilt Show

As you might expect there were lots of beautiful quilts. Here are some of my favorites:

"Sunflower Serenade" by Marlene Shea

"Poppies in Red" quilt by Sue Halprin
"Bald River Falls" by Judy Alexander

This quilt reminded me of a waterfall I encountered on a canoeing trip in Ontario’s Wabakimi Wilderness Park

"On Wisconsin" by Nancy Acker

Lots of Quilt Vendors in the 2012 Show. Wish I had more time than part of one day.

Vendors at the 2012 Madison Wisconsin Quilt Expo

Vendors at the 2012 Madison Wisconsin Quilt Expo

Did you attend this year’s Madison Quilt Expo? If so what did you think of it? Do you think it is becoming a major show? (enter your comments below)

Next year’s Quilt Expo will be held September 5 – 7th, 2013. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Happy Quilting.

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3 thoughts on “Madison Quilt Expo 2012

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  • marlene shea

    Hi – I didn’t attend but was lucky enough to receive 3rd prize for my quilt Sunflower Serenade. I was so pleased to see you posted it as one of your favorites. Thank you! It is my
    most favorite of the many quilts I’ve made. It
    has won many prizes throughout the ountry and been in numerous magazines.
    Thanks again, Marlene Shea

    • You are welcome. Sorry for the delay in responding.


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