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Wisconsin Quilt & Fabric Shop

YDS – A quilting fabric shop in Wisconsin not to miss

My friend Nancy and proprietor Mary at YDS Fabric & Quilt Shop
Sue, Nancy, and Jo after shopping at YDS Quilt Shop stop off for a late lunch at Fin-N-Feather Restaurant
Fin-N-Feather Restaurant on the Wolf River, Winneconne, WI

On a nice sunny Saturday we (my quilting friends Sue, Nancy, and me) decided it was a perfect day for a trip to YDS (pronounced yards), one of our favorite fabric shops located near Omro, WI.

If you reside in Wisconsin (or Northern Illinois) and have never been to YDS, it is worth a trip. Mary, the shop owner, has been running this business since she retired many years ago. We think her fabric prices are the best around. And as you can see from the picture she has quite an extensive fabric collection. Even though she has many, many bolts she knows what she has so if you are looking for something special she can tell you if she has it. So when you go plan to spend some time getting acquainted with that is there. Her shop is open Monday through Saturday,  10 – 3. It is located at 5530 State Highway 116, between Omro and Winneconne, Wisconsin. I recommend you call ahead just to make sure she is there (920-582-7196).

To cap off our trip the three of us had a late lunch at the Fin N Feather in Winneconne, a great restaurant with a very nice buffet for a reasonable price. (See picture). The Fin N Feather is on the Wolf River and we three thought it would be the perfect place for a late spring trip to YDS where on a nice afternoon we could sit on their deck enjoying a late lunch and the attractive view of the river.

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  • Claire

    HI Mary, I used to live near Winneconne(Allenville, unincorpaorated.nJust heard about your shop today! Do you carry any Hawaiian printed fabrics:habiscus flowers, etc?) I am a senior Hawaiian Dancer in the Milwaukee area and we make many of our costumes. I’ll try to come soon with friends! Claire

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