See You at Paducah?

I am starting to get excited about going to the big Paducah Quilt Show April 21 – 24th.  I was worried about the closure (due to financial problems) of the Executive Inn because it has been one of the primary sites for the show and is actually attached to the Carroll Convention Center. But it looks like they have set up a special AQS Pavilion in the convention center parking lot to host activities that used to be in the Executive Inn.

I think this year I’ll attend at least two days of the show and maybe take some classes too.

Last year we arrived early to catch part of the Dogwood Trail celebration, but the trail wasn’t officially open because there was so much damage from a winter ice storm that cut across the middle west in January. We hope it will be open this year and that our favorite campground will be open too as it was also closed due to storm damage.

Maybe see you at Paducah!


3 thoughts on “See You at Paducah?”

  1. When is the Paducah 2010 quilt show? I can not find a working link or information about the timing.

  2. This was my first time at the Paducah Quilt Show, and my husband and I were impressed as to how easy the town is to get around. We had no difficulty in finding all the locations for Quilts and Vendors, to the dismay of my pocketbook. We had a wonderful time, and even took an afternoon to tour the country side. We found a couple of wineries too. I agree, Murray, is a beautiful little town and with the Amish settlement and their items for sale as well. Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake add to the charm of the area and dinner at Patti’s 1800 Settlement is a must. We shall return,

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