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Page 2 - More Scenes from the Shelburne Museum

registering at the Vermont Quilt Show
Stars and Bars, a collection of Amish Quilts of Barbara and Michael Polemis

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red trianglePage 1 of our coverage of the Shelburne Museum Quilts

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Stars and Bars Amish Quilts

amish quilt
< < < This traditional Lone Star pattern has more variety and striking colors than is typical of Amish quilts. Ohio, 1890 - 1900.

Amish Quilts

"Windmill Blades" 1930 - Pennsylvania. An interesting variation of the traditional Log Cabin quilt design that originated in America around 1860.

Amish Quilts

"Log Cabin" 1880 - 1900 - Pennsylvania. Another unique variation, particularly for an Amish quilt, of the Log Cabin design. The asymetrically pieced blocks have no two squares alike. > > >

Antique Quilt Display

Amish QuiltsThe room housing Shelburne's Antique Quilt display had very subdued and indirect lighting to protect the quilts and with no flash allowed it presented quite a challenge to hold the camera still enough to get a decent picture. (none turned out satisfactory so that's why I've no close-ups to show you) Amish Quilts The quilts are framed behind glass and mounted in album fashion to allow viewing.


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Other Interesting Shelburne Exhibits

If you are a quilting wife who is trying to convince her husband to go to the Shelburne, the following stuff may help you sell the case to the old man !

Covered Bridge
< < < This Covered Bridge was built in 1842 and originally spanned the Lamoille River in Cambridge Vermont where it served for over 100 years. It was decnstructed in 1949 and moved to the museum grounds at Shelburne.

steam locomotive
Steam Locomotive 220 from the Vermont Central railway was built in 1915. Behind it is the Grand Isle railway car which is open for viewing. > > >

railway station
Next to the train is the original Shelburne Railway Station (1890).
Here is a view of the Stationmaster's Office > > >

Ebay Collection The Ticonderoga Passenger Paddlewheel Steamboat was built at the Shelburne Shipyards in 1906. Initially serving a north-south route on Lake Champlain, she docked at Westport, NY where she met the New York City evening train.Ebay Collection Later she operated an east-west route between Burlington, Vermont and Port Kent, New York.

In 1955 after her service had ended she was hauled across specially laid tracks over swamps, hills, woods, fields, and highways to reach her permanent home at the Shelburne Museum.Ebay Collection


Ebay Collection

Much of her interior has been restored to its former lustre. It was named a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

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Punt Gun < < < In the cottage that housed the decoy collection is this display of a punt boat and punt gun used in the Chesapeake Bay area. The guns and boats were used at night where commercial bird hunters would sneak up on rafts of feeding waterfowl. The guns were muzzle loaded with 1/2 to 2 pounds of bird shot and were capable of bagging up to a hundred birds at once!

1950s house

This 1953 Pontiac sits outside of the 1950s house that depicts life in post WWII Vermont. 1950s houseThe house appears to be in its original location and while a similar age of its neighbors, only it has been frozen in time back to the 50s. Truly a blast from the past

Other interesting exhibits that guys might enjoy are the old stagecoaches and wagons, the blacksmith shop, the antique woodworking tools exhibit in the Shaker Shed, the sawmill, the Stagecoach Inn, and the Lighthouse.

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Settlers Garden

In the foreground, the Settlers Garden; in the distance the Lighthouse. > > >

Lone Star Garden

Lone Star Garden
< < < The Quilt Garden is planted in the shape of a Lone Star block.

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