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Quilt Shops along Scenic Drives & Byways . . .

The Fabric Patch Quilt Shop, Ironwood, Michigan
The Fabric Patch - Quilt and Fabric Shop in Ironwood, Michigan

Quilt Shop Directory along Scenic Byways and Scenic Drives

- Lake Superior Circle Tour Shops
- Great River Road Shops
- Arkansas Ozarks Quilt Shops

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In our travels along scenic drives camping, visiting waterfalls, lighthouses, state & national parks, and other scenic attractions, we regularly inventory and visit quilt and fabric shops on our tours of scenic byways.

Some quilt and fabric shops get repeat visits because they feature fabrics and designs that Jo regularly uses. Others, like the shop in Harrison, Arkansas, offer an excellent selection of quality fabrics and quilting accessories at a very reasonable price. We'll offer profiles and pictures of those shops we have visited and basic information on others we know of . . . but have yet to visit. We also invite recommendations from you on shops we may have missed or ones that we ought to make sure to visit the next time we go through their territory.

We are organizing these quilt and fabric shop directories by Scenic Drive. Understand this is a work in progress as we have to mounds of information and pictures on these scenic tours awaiting sifting, winnowing, and crafting into web pages. So next week or next month, when you revisit these pages, you may find something new has been added.

The Lake Superior Quilt Shop Directory lists quilt shops along our most traveled Scenic Drive: The Lake Superior Circle Tour (which is separately profiled in our sister site, www.SuperiorTrails.com). We cover shops from Thunder Bay, Ontario south along Minnesota's North Shore, along Wisconsin's South Shore, and then shops in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

We are presently completing our profiles of quilt shops along the Great River Road from Fulton, Illinois to St. Croix, Wisconsin. In the near future we'll be completing our directory of shops along Ozarks Scenic Highway 7 from Harrison, Arkansas to Hot Springs, Arkansas - as well as some other shops throughout the Ozarks Mountains.


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Quilt & Fabric Shops along Scenic Drives & Byways

quiltbulletLake Superior Circle Tour - On, Mn, Mi, Wi Quilt Shops

quiltbulletMississippi Great River Road - Fulton, Illinois to St. Croix, Wisconsin

quiltbulletOzarks Mountains Scenic Drives & Arkansas Scenic Highway 7,
spacerHarrison to Hot Springs, Arkansas

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