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Wabasha, Minnesota - Great River Road

wabasha minnesota
Along Lawrence Blvd river front drive, Wabasha, Minnesota

scenic byways toursOriginally a fur post, Wabasha grew into a settlement and was incorporated as a city in 1858. Since it was continually occupied since 1830, Wabasha lays claim to being Minnesota's oldest city. In 1843 the community was named "Wabashaw" (a clue to its correct pronunciation) but the last W was accidentally dropped in the official published state maps and subsequently became "Wabasha" in the state statues.

It's early economy was centered around retail trade, logging, milling, and boat building. A number of the downtown structures from the late 1800s have been preserved and are featured in a Historical Walking Tour brochure available from the chamber of commerce.

National Eagle CenterAmong the newest buildings in town is the new home of the National Eagle Center, an educational and exhibit center fostering environmental stewardship and protection of the bald eagle. In addition to its inside National Eagle Centerexhibits, it also offers eagle viewing platforms overlooking the river.

Other Wabasha attractions include its parks, one with a 48 unit campground, and the lore associated with it's association with the "Grumpy Old Men" movie and sequel.

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Slippery's Wabasha MN

< < < We tracked down "Slippery's Bar & Restaurant" which was Lemmon and Matthau's favorite hangout in the "Grumpy" movie. Slippery's Wabasha MNThe bar has an entertaining exhibit on the movie and a gift shop, plus continual showings of the movie itself.

We enjoyed a nice meal at Slippery's, the riverside view, and the general ambience. However we got to fess up here, although the movie featured Slippery's as the riverside hangout, the scenes shown in the movie were from a different bar at another filming location elsewhere in the state. Slippery's Wabasha MN


Don't know why they didn't use the "real" Slippery's - perhaps it was a little too well-maintained and picturesque for the place the movie makers wanted to depict?

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Historic Walking Tour - Downtown Wabasha
Wabasha historic buildingsWabasha's downtown West Main Street retains many of the buildings contructed in the 1800s. One the oldest is the historic Anderson House hotel (formerly Hurd House), which is one of Minnesota's oldest continually operating hotels (since 1856).


Wabasha historic buildings

< < < Smith's Block (1884) and Masonic Block (1880) buildings.

Wabasha historic buildings
The Kuhn Block (1868-1874), foreground left, began life as a dry goods store and continues today as a general store.
At the far right, the IOOF building was originally the site of the First National Bank. > > >

Wabasha historic buildings

< < < Began life as the People's Bank, 1886, it is now a Law Office.

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Wabasha Events

Riverboat Days - July 27 - 28


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Wabasha, MN Travel & Visitor Links

quiltbullet Wabasha - Kellogg Chamber of Commerce
quiltbullet National Eagle Center

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