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Red Wing, Minnesota - Great River Road

Red Wing Minnesota
John Rich Park, Red Wing, Minnesota - Christ Episcopal Church (1871) in background.

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Red Wing, MN was originally the site of a Dakota Indian agricultural community. The first white settlers were missionaries who arrived in 1837 with their families. Health problems forced the abandonment of the mission in 1845 but in 1849 it was re-activated. The Red Wing population census at that time reported 5 white adult settlers and approximately 300 Dakotas. In 1855 a US Land Office was located in Red Wing, inspiring a population and economic boom. In 1860 the town had over 1200 residents and was becoming a major Upper Mississippi River trade center. By 1870 the population was over 4200.

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Among the places to see and things to do in Red Wing are visiting the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum and Outlet Store, the Red Wing Pottery Shop, and the Red Wing Stoneware Company production facility. Other attractions are the Levee Park, the Memorial Park Overlook, and the historical downtown walking tour with its shopping, cafe's, and pubs.

Red Wing Visitor Center
The Visitor Center is located in the historic railway depot adjacent to Levee Park. The station continues its original role as it is the official Amtrack station; it also houses the Red Wing Arts Association.

Red Wing Depot

The Depot continues to serve Amtrack customers traveling on the famous Empire Builder.

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Riverfront Centre
The Riverfront Centre (below) houses the Red Wing Shoe Museum and outlet store . . . plus other shops and exhibits. The Red Wing Shoe Company's corporate offices are on the second and third floors of the centre.
Red Wing Riverfront Center


< < < The flower basket in the foreground is a signature characteristic of downtown Red Wing.

Red Wing Riverfront Center

A couple of giant Red Wing Boots welcome the visitor to the Riverfront Center's patio > > >

Red Wing Riverfront Center

< < < One hallway in the Centre features an extensive photo exhibit of 19th and early 20th century Red Wing, Minnesota.

Red Wing Riverfront Center

A selection of Red Wing shoes and boots unlikely to find elsewhere. Jo scored a terrifc buy on a pair of clogs.> > >

Red Wing Shoe Co.

< < < The original Red Wing Shoe Co. building is a few blocks from the center of downtown.

Red Wing Shoe Co.

A hundred feet down from the main entrance is the entrance to the Personnel Office, much more convenient access for prospective employees than today's modern HR office!> > >

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Historic Downtown Red Wing
Following a brochure provided by the Red Wing Visitor Center, Jo and I took a walking tour of historic downtown Red Wing.

Red Wing Historic Downtown

< < < The T.B. Sheldon Theatre (1904) continues to offer entertainment, concerts, plays and weekly public tours.

Red Wing Historic Downtown

The Commercial Block (1873, 1887) initially contained 6 store fronts on third street and later added two more around the corner on Bush Street. > > >

Historic Red Wing

< < < The historic St. James Hotel (1874) in Red Wing continues to offer elegant hospitality for conventions, meetings, and romantic get-a-ways.

Historic Red Wing
The second floor outdoor cafe of the Hotel overlooks the river. > > >

Historic Red Wing

< < < The Riverfront Centre is a restoration of an entire block of historic buildings constructed between 1858 to 1884.

Historic Red Wing
The Keystone Block dates back to 1867. > > >

Historic Red Wing

< < < Numerous stores, artisan shops, and cafes are sprinkled throughout the historic district. . .

Historic Red Wing
. . . And Pubs! The Barrel House Drinking House & Saloon dates back to 1886. > > >

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