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Holiday Stroll Parade - Red Wing, Minnesota

Holiday Parade Red Wing Minnesota
Over 12,000 people lined the streets in Red Wing, Minnesota to see
the Holiday Stroll Festival Parade

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For most people the highlight of the Thanksgiving weekend Holiday Stroll parade was the appearance of Santa and Mrs. Claus. But the opportunity to see several pieces of fire equipment up close was probably a close second for the kids. Other floats held the parade queen and her court, the Red Wing HS Band, the Mayor and other home town celebrities.

Immediately after the parade was the Downtown Lighting Ceremony. When the switch was thrown an additional set of lights lit up throughout downtown. At the same time a lighted tree appeared on the top of Barn Bluff.

Red Wing Parade
Little people on top of dad's shoulders had the best parade view (as it should be) but short adults who didn't get there earlier enough sometimes only saw the tops of heads. But it's just being there that counts - enjoying the excitement and festive hometown atmosphere.

Red Wing Santa Claus

We didn't have to wait long for Santa. He showed up after the parade pace car in the company of Mrs. Claus and one of his elves.

Red Wing Parade

< < < Later some lucky kids got to meet Santa up close.

Red Wing Christmas Parade

< < < The Holiday Stroll Princess and her court.

Red Wing HS Band
The Red Wing High School Band entertained the crowd with holiday tunes.

Downtown Lighting Ceremony

At 6:45 pm the holiday celebrators gathered at the Mural parking lot for the Lighting Ceremony. Red Wing Lighting Festival After introductions of key Stroll coordinators, announcement of window decoration winners, some Christmas Carols, the daughter of the lighting company manager flipped the switch turning on an additional set of lights throughout downtown.


Immediately after the lights went on everyone's attention shifted to Barn Bluff and the fireworks show.

Red Wing Holiday Decorations

By 10 pm that evening, most of the 12,200 holiday celebrators had gone home, the food wagons packed up, and the streets were nearly empty.

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