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quilting pathways scenic driveA Quilted Wine Snuggie Pattern

We travel a lot and often bring a bottle of wine along to enjoy in our hotel room or if traveling in our RV, enjoy in our motor home. Instead of putting the wine bottle in a paper bag, I thought it would be more secure if I made an insulated quilting bag for it. So the "Wine Snuggie" was born. After some experimentation, I think I have a design pattern that is easy to sew and works. So I'd like to share this free quilting pattern with the readers of Quilting Pathways.

Spice up the presentation of a gift of your favorite bottle of Vino with an attractive yet practical "coozie" for a bottle of wine or your favorite bottle of spirits. And it works as a very practical protective container for the storage area in your RV, or stuffed in a backpack or suitcase.

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Printable Pattern for the Quilted Wine Snuggie

Cover Page

Fabric Requirements & Project Notes

Page 1 of Instructions

Page 2 of Instructions

Page 3 of Instructions

Page 4 of Instructions

Page 5 of Instructions

If you make this pattern, I'd love to hear how it went. And if you have any suggestions for design changes, would love to hear them as well.

Write me at: JoQuilt@gmail.com

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