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Paducah - Eleanor Burns' Quilting Tent Show

Eleanor Burns at her Paducah Tent Show

One of the most entertaining segments of the annual Paducah Quilt Show extravaganza actually occurs several blocks from the convention center at the fairgrounds park. Here Eleanor Burns, from TV's Quilt in a Day fame, puts on an old fashioned tent show that mixes comedy, music, videos and practical quilting information into an hour of fun.

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And next door to the show is another tent loaded with thousands of fabrics, gadgets and deals that could easily ensnare the quilting fanatic for another hour or two. And yes there is a food and beverage tent . . . so spending the better part of a day here is feasible.

eleanor burns

< < < Eleanor Burns, the Queen of Strip Quilting.



eleanor burns makes her entrance

< < < Eleanor sneaks up on the waiting crowd from the rear . . . to Joanne's delight.

eleanor burns quilt tent show

With "bump and grind" music roaring from the PA system, Eleanor makes her entrance throwing candy from
her basket to her fans. > > >

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jack and the Beanstalk by Eleanor Burns

Eleanor and her crew previewed quilts and quilt designs from her new design book "The Magic Vine Quilt." Later Eleanor and her gang presented an amusing parody of the "Jack and the Beanstalk" fable cleverly weaving designs from her book into the production.

Quilt in a Day Show

After the Play. . . Shopping Time !

Eleanor Burns Fabric Store

The Tent Store's walls were lined with thousands of fabrics at bargain prices. Each day a given predominant fabric color earned an additional discount. At these prices and selection, it was "Shop til you Drop!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quilt in a Day Quilt Shop

Eleanor's Quilt in a Day Quilt Shop in Paducah on North 4th Street in the Arts District.Quilt in a Day Quilt Shop


redHere's Eleanor's 2011 Paducah Show

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Magic Vine Quilts
The Magic Vine Quilt

Here's Eleanor Burn's pattern book for the Magic Vine. An excellent, step-by-step guide to create this classic design. Beginning quilters gave this one 5 stars. [More info]

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