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Historic Downtown, Galena Illinois - Great River Road

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galena main street

< < < At the north end of the Main St. shopping district is Galena's oldest home, the Dowling House - 1826.
galena main street

In the foreground: the Post Office and former US Customs House (1859); in the background-right: the DeSoto House - Illinois' oldest continually operating hotel (1855). > > >

galena main street

< < < The old blacksmith shop by the levee has been in continuous operation for 108 years. When not being used by professional or student smiths, it serves as a museum open to the public.

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Several of Galena's oldest historic buildings are located on Bench Street, one block up from Main Street.

galena main street< < < The building housing the Galena History Museum dates (in the foreground) back to 1858 while its next door neighbor, St. Michael's Catholic Church, was built between 1857 - 63.galena main street


The Old Pumper Station - now restored - is even older - 1851. > > >


galena main street< < < Turner Hall dates back to 1874, a later addition (in the background to the right) to the structure houses the current Galena Fire Department. galena main street


The First United Methodist Church was built in 1857. > > >

galena main street
Grace Episcopal Church dates back to 1848 and in our opinion is one of the most attractive settings in town.

galena main street galena main street galena main street

galena main streetIf you are ambitious and want some exercise, you can climb the steps from Galena's shopping district up to Prospect Street, high on the hill. > > >


triangleCome with us to see some of the historic homes and blooming flowers & trees on the hill.

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