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Organizing a Quilt Show

Heather who works in sales at a hotel in Marietta, Ohio recently wrote me for tips on organizing a quilt show in her area. Since my reply might be helpful to others, I am reproducing it here.

Hi Heather;

I would recommend that you first start by having a discussion with the local quilt shop – find out the owner’s name and see if she is willing to meet with you.

Most towns and cities have what are know as Quilt Guilds – many of the shows listed in the quilt show calendar on my website are organized and put on by The Guilds. Some quilt shops also put on Quilt Shows or are strong backer’s and volunteers at the show. Most shows have quilts displayed (with a judging contest) – prizes for different category’s. They also have vendors – quilt shops and other quilting related suppliers.

Some cities have Quilt Shows that take place at the same time as a festival. Our small town here in Wisconsin has a Fall Festival the first weekend in October. A local quilt guild has a quilt show at the same time.

So my recommendation would be for you to start with the local quilt shop owner and also talk with your local quilt guild – attend a meeting.

I found a quilt guild listed for Marietta when I goggled quilt guilds in Ohio – don’t know if it is up to date. Appears the one in Marietta has been around since 1996. http://www.quiltguilds.com/ohio.htm

Hope this has been helpful. Good luck.


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  • Joan Powell

    Is there a way to provide a subscribe to this blog or preferably quilting pathways with a link to this blog so one is informed when there is an update…

    There is a lot of good information here that I’m sure people would like to subscribe to.

    Thank You.

    • Hello Joan,

      Excellent question. Thanks for mentioning this. We have just installed a subscription feature powered by Feedburner. Presently we are testing it out to make sure it works. So go to our blog and look in the right hand column, at the top, and you’ll see the subscription box. http://www.quiltingpathways.com/blog/

      Let us know how it works for you.


      Jo and Ross

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