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Potosi Brewery – River Road

On the way back from the Paducah Quilt Show Jo and decided to swing by the Mississippi River Road through Fulton, Illinois and stay at one of our favorite Corps of Engineering RV parks Thomson Causeway. The next day we traveled to Dubuque, Iowa and were impressed with continued renewal going on in their downtown and river front area. Then we crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin to have lunch at the recently refurbished and restored Potosi Brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin.

Potosi Brewery and Brew Pub
Inside the Brew Pub and Restaurant of the historic Potosi Brewery

Being Friday in Wisconsin, we had to have the fish fry. Jo ordered the Cod plate; I ordered the Catfish plate since Potosi bills itself as the Catfish Capital of Wisconsin – figured I ought to try its signature fish. Both were delicious, lightly  breaded and served at just the right temperature. The plates came with frys and homemade coleslaw. I had sweet potatoe frys, Jo the regular ones. The regular ones were as good as MickeyDees. The slaw included finely sliced carrots with the cabbage and was crisp with just the right amount of dressing. Our beverages were drafts from Potosi’s stock. Jo had the American Porter which advertises itself as medium to full bodied, moderately malty, and bit more roasty than European Porters. Whatever Jo liked it and felt it compared well to her favorite Leiney Creamy Dark and Leiney 1888 Bock. I had the Czech Style Pilsner which is billed as a clear, golden brew with a hoppy taste, smooth and crisp. Whatever its description I liked it very much. I’m not a fan of Ales and IPAs that seem so popular among the brewpub crowd. When I can’t get a lager or pilsner,I’ll go dark Porters or Brown Ale. Meal prices were decent as well as the beer. The non-happy hour price for a pint of Potosi is $3.25.

Beer Enthusiasts will not only enjoy the brew and the nicely restored pub, the Brewery is also home to the National Brewery Museum – Go Here for more info on the Brewery & the Museum Tour