Paducah Quilt Show 2017

2017 AQS Paducah Quilt Show – Quilt Week begins April 23rd

Taking a lunch break outside the Convention Center on a beautiful spring day.

Taking a lunch break outside the Convention Center on a beautiful spring day.

Traditionally the official AQS Quilt Show doesn’t begin until Wednesday of Quilt Week. But the city and quilting related organizations usually have other fun and interesting activities leading up to the official show opening, creating a Quilting and Fiber Arts Festival with the AQS Show as a centerpiece. In the past around 30,000  quilting fanatics come into town for this big event.

If you’ve never before been to “Paducah” here’s our main Paducah Quilt Show and Festival page with pictures, information and links to past blog posts on the show, plus info on other events and attractions around town.

In recent years the AQS has expanded their Quilt Week shows beyond the Spring Paducah show and now even do a Fall Paducah Show. I think this is unfortunate because it may be having the result of diminishing the traditional Paducah show which for quilters has been like the annual convention for quilters across the country (and world for that matter). The annual beginning of the year question often asked among quilters is “Are you going to Paducah this year?” But now AQS wants you to ask “are you going to Daytona, or going to  Lancaster, or going to Grand Rapids, or going to Des Moines, or going to Paducah in the Fall”  as they are now sponsoring 6 Quilt Week Shows!! But I suspect for quilters, there is only the granddaddy show – the April  Paducah show and its festival atmosphere. Do you agree or not? Let me know in the comments below.

February 8th update. Finally AQS is posting detail for the 2017 Paducah Show. Go here for classes, instructors, special exhibits etc. I’ll comment soon on what I look forward to seeing at the show.

Additional information on the Paducah Quilt Show (click here) is provided by the Paducah Visitor’s Bureau. There will be some events on Tuesday before the formal opening of the show and some workshops begin on Monday.

See my Quilt Show Post from 2016 for an idea of these various events and activities at the Quilt Show itself and around town in general.

PS Let me know what you think – Has the Paducah Show changed now that there are so many others being offered by AQS? or are you like me feeling there is only the one Big One and otherwise I find there are good regional shows to go to sponsored by state and local guilds.

Joanne Reinhold

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